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Urban Immersion Service Retreats

The Power of Friendship

Our Urban Immersion Service Retreat (UISR) program just received this note from one of our congregations in St. Paul that has participated in Urban Immersion for several years now: 

"During our Urban Immersion weekend In 2015 our 8th graders raked a yard in South MPLS which belonged to a lady named Olive. When we were back at church, I made a large poster of our picture with her on her front steps as a big thank-you card to her for having us over. One year later (this fall) I got a voice message from Olive on my church line thanking me for thanking her. At first I didn't remember her but when I called her back, she explained who she was and said she had felt guilty that she never said thank you for the card. The program that arranged her raking was no longer available, and she was not asking for our help, but thru the conversation I learned that she was in need of someone to help her rake this year. Some of the teens who helped her in '15 were able to go to her house on the weekend with their Confirmation Small Group and had her whole place cleaned up in a few hours again. The power of friendship!"

Learn more about Urban Immersion Service Retreats at uisr-mn.org