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Minnesota FoodShare

Minnesota FoodShare invites congregations across the state to participate in Pack the Pews, March 19-25. Pack the pews at your place of worship with non-perishable food items and consider taking up a special collection for the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign, every dollar of which goes toward feeding the hungry through 300 food shelves. Watch this video to learn how Mount Olivet Church and Community Emergency Service participate in the March Campaign.

Minnesota FoodShare | Lenten Devotional

"Because we don’t live unto ourselves; we never dine alone, even when we’re alone. Forever and already, we’re connected by the Spirit’s thread into that beautiful, colorful garment of grace. Even when we don’t see it, we are one, Jesus said." - Rev. Shane Isner, Former Disciples of Christ Representative to GMCC Board. Download the "Room at the Banquet" Lenten devotional to read more reflections on hunger and community from Minnesota FoodShare. 

Download Lenten Devotional PDF

Kinship | Children's Theatre Company

Thank you Children's Theatre Company for providing affordable ways for our Kinship kids and their mentors to attend your fantastic theatre productions! Saturday's showing of "The Wizard of Oz" sponsored by Best Buy was nothing short of brilliant and we will never forget the amazing experience. We're looking forward to the next play! Thank you!