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Giving A Boost To Youth

Kinship of Greater Minneapolis invites individuals, couples and families into positive mentoring relationships with boys and girls ages 5-18.  Focused on building lasting friendships through fun activities and quality time, the mentoring program creates sustained, supportive connections capable of giving kids the tools they need to succeed.

“When I signed up for Kinship, I didn’t know we would get someone so wonderful. Wendy is most giving of her time, hear and emotion. My family and I couldn’t ask for much more.” – a mother of a Kinship kid

“I enjoy the opportunity to do kids’ stuff again.” – Sean Gleason, former Kinship kid and current Kinship mentor

“I realized that mentoring was exactly what I was meant to be doing. You do it because it’s a good thing to do and you think you’re helping a child, but really you are helping yourself.” – Sarah Wright Walstrom, Kinship mentor

Questions about Kinship? Contact Jerod Petersen by email or call 612-588-4655.




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